Are Pitbulls Good Family Dogs?
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Are Pitbulls Good Family Dogs?

Pitbulls have a bad reputation and this is sad because most of them are really very loving and loyal dogs. They love people and children and they make excellent dogs for families with children. They have been and still are used as fighting dogs and that is all people see when they see a pitbull. Most people think of pitbulls as killers and not affectionate family pets. Most dog's behavior is based on how they are raised and the pitbull is not exception.

The pitbull has a bad reputation and it unfortunate.  The true pitbull dog is officially the American Pitbull Terrier.  They are great family dogs because of their loyalty and they are usually quite friendly toward strangers. The pitbull was originally bred for fighting and today they are a working dog and a loveable family pet.  Back in the 20th century, the pitbull was one of the most popular dogs.  Through the years, they were turned into vicious fighting dogs.  This might have been because of their loyal nature and desire to please their owners.  They are a very courageous and intelligent dog.

The American pitbull terrier is the true pitbull.  Many people do not really know what a pitbull is.  These people refer to the Staffordshire bull terrier, bulldog and the bull terrier as pit bulls and this is not correct.

The pitbull may look powerful and potentially aggressive but by nature, they are quite friendly and playful.    They have been trained to work in search and rescue with a great deal of success. They are quite easy to train after you are passed the stubborn streak.  The pitbull has a strong desire to please their family and their loyalty does not falter. They can be quite protective and they make excellent guard dogs.  Pit bulls are affectionate and loving to everyone in their family.

Pitbulls are a dominate breed so they require a firm hand.  It is recommended by some people that pitbulls be taken to regular obedience training. They will be able to interact with other people and dogs here while a professional is supervising them. They are not considered the best choice of dog for a first time dog owner,

Pitbulls can be dominant or they can be very loveable.  Pitbulls make great family dogs as long as the family is firm and can put up with this extremely active dog. When they are kept as family dogs, their main desire is to protect their family.  They will accept family cats and other family pets if they are properly trained.

Some Pitbulls will be eager to fight with other dogs.   They will be gentle, loving and tolerate of their family members.  They have been used as watchdogs and they are very good at it.    They love rough and tumble play and they will be gentle with their giant jaws.   

If you decide to get a pit bull check out the parent's temperament if possible because if they are good natured there is a good chance your dog will be good natured.  If you decide, you want a pitbull as a pet get him from a reputable breeder.  A well trained pitbull will be good natured and eager to please.  They do need to have a lot of exercise so you must decide if you can give him the care and time he needs.

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Comments (3)

An interesting description on Pitbull dogs. Thank you Norma.

Ranked #1 in Dogs

Yes there are many breeds often referred to as "Pitbull", these are dogs people often get for the wrong reasons. These dogs must be treated with respect, they were bred to be strong, and determined, NOT for a first time owner who is not willing to train their dog.

And yet Pit-bulls are made up of different breeds, some are good and some are very bad. We have seen them viciously ill small animals and children. I believe that they shouldn't be in a home with children or other animals. One lady raised her Pit from 6 weeks, always a loving and obedient dog and one day three years later he crossed the street to a playground and dragged a little girl by her head back to his yard and fought off many people to keep his prey...the little girl died.After several of these incidents new laws were passed.. Still; great article.with some helpful information...voted