Do Dogs Like Music?
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Do Dogs Like Music?

This article was written as a response to the question: Do dogs like music?
Evidence reveals dogs enjoy listening to music. it can sooth and calm them when they feel stressed.

A question on the mind of many dog owners, as their pooch relaxes in-front of their stereo, is whether or not dogs really like music. It's not uncommon to see a pet dog who seems to be intent on listening to music. Indeed, anyone who's seen the logo of Nipper the dog, posing for Gramophone records, may automatically assume all dogs enjoy whiling away the hours listening to a tune. However, the juries out on whether dogs actually like music or not. are certainly believers. They produce music recorded especially for pets, and picture a boxer dog wearing headphones on their website, no doubt, having a great time hearing music made especially to suit his taste. However, are such sites a gimmick? Or have they got their facts right and have an understanding of our furry friends needs.

A study by animal behaviourist Deborah Wells backs up this theory. Apparently, results of her research into dogs and music revealed that canines find certain types of classical music soothing and relaxing, while not caring either way for radio shows or pop music. It would seem that dogs have preferences when it comes to music, just like humans do.

Some animal shelters that try to find new homes for dogs, have started playing gentle music to calm them. This is particularly effective for dogs in a shelter on November the fifth who find that music helps them cope with the loud bangs and distress caused by fireworks. The news that music can be good for the well-being of dogs has spread further afield than animal shelters into veterinary clinics too. Live Science reports that musician Alianna Boone conducted an experiment which resulted in hospitalized dogs experiencing a lower heart rate when harp music was played to them. This may lead to the conclusion that, not only do dogs like particular styles of music, but it can help them relax and possibly heal faster as a result. Both people and animals tend to get better faster when they feel peaceful and aren't struggling to cope.

Interestingly, although not surprisingly, it's been discovered that dogs aren't keen on certain percussion instruments which are reminiscent of the sound of gunshots. They also don't like the word 'no' inserted into songs. Presumably they would prefer the words biscuits and walkies. Skip Haynes, working alongside an animal communicator, on an album for pets made sure that his music would go down a treat with dogs by avoiding sounds they didn't like.

There are many people who believe dogs truly like listening to music, and have utilised gentle, soothing sounds to aid dogs recuperation and promote their welfare. It may not be long before our canine friends have their own music collections, music shops and favorites saved on their very own ipods.

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Comments (6)

Dogs are as individual as humans.

Very interesting

Ranked #12 in Dogs

Thanks for the comments James and Lucia. Dogs certainly have characters just like humans do. Glad you find it interesting, I've always been fascinated by animal behavior.

Ranked #130 in Dogs

I have three dogs, and one is definitely a music lover. She has certain songs that she is entranced by, and she loves to listen to my husband play guitar.

Ranked #12 in Dogs

Hi Page, Thats lovely isn't it! My dog comes and sits by me when I play my mandolin. I don't know if he actually likes it...but at least this means he's not offended by it or he would leave the room!

Good info about I am out of votes right now, so promoted instead, thanks.