Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs: Best Foods and Ingredients
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Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs: Best Foods and Ingredients

What type of dog food is best to feed a dog that has a sensitive stomach.

Just like humans have allergies to all sorts of things, including food and certain ingredients, dogs do as well. Let’s face it. All of the dog food in the pet store aisles isn’t top quality. Some of them are, but a majority of them use ingredients that can cause a lot of trouble for a dog, especially when it comes to digestion. While dogs do have strong durable stomachs, there are some foods that dogs just can’t digest. A common example is corn. If your dog’s food has a lot of corn product in it, this may be causing his bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. This is ultimately called a sensitive stomach. Some dogs can eat whatever and be okay, while others will purge what their stomach can’t handle.

While there is no best dog food for dog’s with a sensitive stomach, there are plenty available for you as an owner to choose from. Before you go purchase a bag of food or can of food from the pet store, take some time in the store to look at the ingredients label. You want to be sure that the dog food will be best for your dog and his sensitive stomach. Some dogs are just allergic to certain ingredients, while others are allergic to an entire list of things. This is why checking out the ingredients label is so important.

Find a food that is meat based as well. As long as your dog isn’t allergic, meat based foods are great for dog’s stomachs. Try to stay away from foods with added preservatives, additives, and food dyes. All of these can further upset your dog’s stomach and cause even more hassle.

If you’re looking to feed your dog at home, a great meal for a dog with a sensitive stomach is white rice with boiled chicken. You can also add in oatmeal. This is a bland diet, but it helps to calm your dog’s stomach. Making food at home for your dog is a great option, but there are plenty of dog food companies that provide formulas made specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Some companies that offer great sensitive stomach food for dogs are California Natural, Nutro, Force, Royal Canin, ‘Ol Roy, and plenty of others. You may want to ask a dog nutritionist what may be best for your dog since there are so many brands to choose from.

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