Feeding Your Dog Raw Eggs: Health Benefits and Safety Considerations
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Feeding Your Dog Raw Eggs: Health Benefits and Safety Considerations

All about giving your dog raw eggs

In recent years, this has definitely become a question that all dog owners ask. Since raw food diets for dogs have become more and more popular, more dog owners are looking to see what kind of raw foods they can give their dogs in order to keep them healthy from the inside out. However, raw feeding is definitely a decision that an owner must make. Even today veterinarians are split on whether or not giving a dog raw food, like a raw egg is healthy, or if in the end it can cause some sort of ailment that may ultimately hurt the dog.

If you decide that raw feeding may be a good option for your dog, it does take a lot of research and time in order to ensure that you are feeding your dog healthy food that won’t hurt his digestive tract. Of course a raw diet for dogs consists of raw meat, fruits, and vegetables, but owners can also feed their dog nuts, dairy products, and even raw eggs. Raw eggs are always on the chopping block so to speak, but many owners that do feed their dog raw eggs report that it does wonders. Since egg products are in most dog foods, owners don’t see why giving their dog a raw egg is a problem.

Owners who give their dog a raw egg once a week say that the egg is extremely helpful when it comes to shaping a dog’s coat and fur. Eggs are a great source of protein and the protein helps to protect the coat and keep it shiny. When you feed your dog a raw egg, even the shell is okay if the dog wants to eat it.

Many people worry about salmonella due to the fact that the egg is raw. But, dogs have great immune systems, and their body doesn’t react the same way a human’s body does when it is introduced to salmonella. If you are extremely concerned, you can always cook the egg by frying it, blanching it, or boiling it.

Dog owners who do feed their dog raw eggs point out that it’s important that the dog is given no more than one raw egg a week. Too many raw eggs can upset a dog’s stomach, as well as affect the dog’s white blood cell count. Too many raw eggs can also cause your dog other ailments as the yolk is extremely fatty and contains a lot of cholesterol. This can be a problem, so be sure not to feed more than one raw egg a week.

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Feeding your dog raw eggs: health benefits and safety …

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Ranked #14 in Dogs

I used to feed raw eggs to my chihuahua... but he isn't crazy about them anymore.. he does like them scrambled soft with a little milk in them. I give him my leftover eggs when I don't finish them. I also had a small kitten that was taken away from her mom too early.. I thought she would die.. but I have her raw eggs and milk and dipped my finger in the stuff and let her lick it off.. she began to thrive then and soon she was eating it out of a dish... I really do believe she would have died if I had not given her that raw egg mixture.

We give our jack russell a raw egg once or twice a week. She loves it; it's like a major treat for her. We'll crack it slightly, and then she enjoys eating the entire egg, shell and all.

My Doberman eats almost everything fed to her including raw eggs. Surprisingly she loves fruits too especially green mangoes!

Mendis Lee

Labradoodles are the ultimate family companion. They adore the attention and company of children and they love to join in and play games.

Ranked #1 in Dogs

Actually feeding a raw egg to a dog is VERY bad if done regularly as it interfeers with the dog being able to absorb some vitamins. Some owners feed the raw eggs to get their dog to eat its food - but this is bad. http://factoidz.com/how-to-get-a-fussy-dog-to-eat-its-food/ Owners should note also that free range eggs have been found to be healthier and lower in cholesterol.

Kennel McFluff

Egg white inhibits the absorption of vitamin B, but there is so much Vit B it in the yolk that there is always surplus anyway. Eggs are only dangerous if you only give the white.

Chris Glz

So if i feed my dog one egg a week she will be fine?

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I used to raise chickens and I'd crack open a few eggs a day for my dog in the winter who enjoyed living outside in the barn with them. She loved them and it helped her coat. She never had any adverse reactions to them so I'd have to say I support it, so long as too many aren't given that could cause loose stools.

I fed my dog fresh food at home and give a raw egg, but she began appergiya. Therefore, it is necessary to give the dogs eggs carefully.

Hope you\\\'ve read up on egg science since you posted this. If not, you\\\'re still in the \\\"stoneage\\\". Eggs have always been good for us, that\\\'s why domestic birds like chickens and ducks lay so many! The major \\\"investigation\\\" on eggs  in the past, has been done by the CEREAL industry ( Kellogs anyone?). Gee, I wonder why? ............Hummmmm.  Dig deeper, to do better research and avoid STUPID science. Duh!