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How to Increase the Fiber Content in Your Dog's Diet

Easy sources of fiber for your dog: bran, brown rice, pumpkin, apples

When you consult your veterinarian and he suggests that your dogÂ’s diet needs extra fiber, you may be wondering how you can increase the overall amount of fiber to increase your dogÂ’s health. In most cases, veterinarians will suggest higher levels of fiber in order to help your dog avoid constipation. Fiber also helps to keep your dogÂ’s anal glands working how they should. Just like humans, older dogs need extra fiber to keep their digestive tracts moving and functioning properly. There are plenty of ways to add fiber to your dogÂ’s diet. You can either take simple easy steps or completely change what your dog is eating.

One of the best ways to increase the amount of fiber in your dogÂ’s diet is to put bran into his food. Bran is the outer most layer of grain that is removed. This can include rice bran, oat bran, and wheat bran, all of which have high fiber contents. DonÂ’t give your dog too much bran at a time. A sprinkle works best. ItÂ’s also a good idea to soak the bran in water so that it can be easily digested.

Along with bran, brown rice is another option for you. Of course white rice does have fiber, but brown rice has at least three times the amount. This way, your dog is sure to get the extra fiber that his body needs.

If youÂ’re at the store one day, stop in the aisle that has canned pumpkin. You will want to find a brand that is unseasoned. Make sure you are using canned pumpkin, not filling to make pumpkin pies. Add a tablespoon of the canned pumpkin to your dogÂ’s food. Dog usually love how pumpkin tastes. You can also take the contents of the can and freeze it into ice cube shapes with added water.

A lot of people love fruits, so many households have apples in their refrigerator. Maybe youÂ’re craving an apple. A great way to put more fiber into your dogÂ’s diet is to split an apple with him! Be sure that you get rid of the seeds as they can be toxic to dogs. Some dogs prefer red ones as others like green apples. If your dog doesnÂ’t enjoy chewing the apple, you can always use applesauce.

Adding fiber to your dogÂ’s diet doesnÂ’t require you to make an entire dietary change. However, there are dog food companies that make certain food formulas that are much higher in fiber than most. If you want to change your dogÂ’s food, be sure to do it slowly.

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Comments (3)
Hunde Gaard

This seems like a very good idea. I never knew you could mix bran into the dog's food. Some dog owners really don't know much about dog food and what dogs can/should eat.

Hunde Gaard

This seems like a very good idea. I never knew you could mix bran into the dog's food. Some dog owners really don't know much about dog food and what dogs can/should eat.

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