How to Keep Your Pomeranian Healthy and Happy
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How to Keep Your Pomeranian Healthy and Happy

Pomeranian's are great fun loving dogs. They make great pets for young and old. They are a very active dog. They sometimes do not get along with small children as they do not like to be treated rough. They are smart and learn very easily. They will need yearly check ups by a veterinarian.

If you open up your heart to a Pomeranian, it can be a great experience.  They are such loving and fun dogs to be around.  If you become an owner of a Pomeranian, you must do everything in your power to make your dogs life as happy as possible.  You will need to provide the proper care, environment and companionship and this can be a big commitment.  Your reward will be a pet that will give you back more than you will give.

You must make sure your Pomeranian is properly trained, as he will then be a pleasure to be around and own.  The Pomeranian is an active dog and he is intelligent, courageous and loyal.  He may not get along with small children as they are small dogs and sometimes children are to rough with them.  Pomeranians can be good watchdogs but they can become very yappy if you are not careful.  You must train your dog not to bark excessively.  The Pomeranian can be hard to housebreak but they are very smart and with patience, you will get the job done.

You need to take your Pomeranian to a veterinarian for check ups on a regular basis.  A yearly check up is necessary and more often could be better.  He will need all his vaccination kept up to date.

You must provide a safe environment for your Pomeranian and this will eliminate unfortunate accidents in the home.  Be careful to pick up anything your dog could swallow make sure there are no places in your home that are unsafe  for your little dog.  Make sure the door is not left open or your dog will take off.  Do not feed your Pomeranian table scrapes, as they are not good for him.  Do not let him get any chocolate as it is very unhealthy for him and could even cause death.

You must clean his ears, brush his fur and trim his nails on a regular basis.  Regular grooming will contribute to your dogs overall health and happiness.  Proper dental care is the important thing so you will need to brush your dog’s teeth daily or at least 3 times a week.  If your Pomeranian does not get his teeth brushed regularly bacteria will build up in his mouth and this will sometimes cause serious health problems.  He should have his teeth checked by the veterinarian when he has his regular check up.

If properly cared for a Pomeranian can live to be in their teens.  You will need to give your dog everything he needs for a healthy and happy long life.

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