How to Keep your Yard Looking Good When you Have Dogs.
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How to Keep your Yard Looking Good When you Have Dogs.

Having dogs can be a joy but it can also be a real headache if one would like to have a beautiful yard. Keeping your yard looking good when you have dogs can be difficult but not impossible.

Having dogs can be a joy but it can also be a real headache if one would like to have a good looking yard. Dogs run and play, kick up grass and dig, they burn the lawn with their urine and leave yellow spots all over the grass. Keeping your yard beautiful when you have dogs can be difficult but not impossible.

Dogs are extremely hard on the grass. Changing it to a stone, cement or brick patio works well. It offers a low maintenance solution, stops digging and minimises the damage done by dog feces and urine and their constant running around and playing.

For areas where grass is preferred, picking a hardy strain like Kentucky bluegrass or Bermuda can help a lot, or an even better choice is to use clover instead of grass. Clover is far hardier, stands up much better to dog roughhousing, and does not get urine stains the way grass does.

When dogs are running around a backyard, they tend to travel the same route over and over again, killing the grass and wearing in a path. This is especially true in fenced yards, as dogs tend to travel the perimeter. Instead of fighting nature, work with it by making those well worn trails into lovely stone pathways. Stone pathways can add a lot of charm to a backyard and an added bonus is that it will help wear down the dogs nail as they run the path and help keep paws cleaner on rainy days.

Some dogs love to dig and can leave a backyard covered in holes and dug up dirt. To discourage dogs from digging never leave bare patches of earth to tempt them. All bare earth should be covered with rocks, safe flowers, grass, clover or even a shrub that is low to the ground. Using gravel, mulch, bark chips or anything similar to cover bare spots is not recommended as many dogs find it enjoyable to dig in and some may eat or chew on it. For those with enthusiastic diggers that have the room, putting in a dig area for your dog can be a huge help. It does take a bit of effort to teach a dog only to dig in the specified area but is well worth it. Dogs love to dig and for many breeds, it is natural.

For those who enjoy gardening, raised flowerbeds and fencing can be a huge help in keeping dogs out. Dogs see light colors better than dark, so lighter coloured fencing works best. Use large plants whenever possible as dogs tend to leave them alone; flowering shrubs are also a good choice. If you do not have the room in your yard for a fenced off garden or you are renting, growing plants in containers, hanging baskets or window boxes work well. Always be sure no matter what plants you pick that they are non-poisonous and never use pesticides or any sorts of chemicals on your garden.

Do not use the backyard as your dog’s only means of exercise. Take your dog for daily walks, bicycling, jogging, hiking or to the dog park whenever possible. To help ensure your dog is not being destructive, never leave them unattended in the yard for more than twenty minutes at a time. Most of all enjoy your yard with your dog; make it fun and enjoyable for both of you.

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Deb Anderson

Great tips!

Old friend, you look happy and writing about things that give you love will keep you that way. :)

So good to see you, read you and I will keep wishing you the best.


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Hey Deb!! Wow! How are you!! Big hugs to you! Are you on Facebook?