How To Ship a Dog by Plane
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How To Ship a Dog by Plane

How to ship a dog by plane. Shipping a dog by airplane can be a hassle, and certain breeds of dogs are not allowed to be shipped by air. Here's how to ship a dog by plane safely.

When shipping a dog by plane, unfortunately there is much misinformation on this issue both by the owner of the dog by airline employees who lack the training to give them a proper treatment of pets traveling with them and because of that arise most problems and accidents happen.

There are two ways of shipping a dog on a plane, in the cabin or cargo compartment.


The cabin is reserved exclusively for small dogs or puppies to be shipped, they must travel in cages small enough to fit under the seat or in bags designed specially for it to have sufficient ventilation and that are partly constructed with mesh on the plane. Some airplanes do not accept dogs in the cabin, so it is important that if you want to travel with your dog in this way you ask to buy or reserve your ticket. The cost is variable of shipping.


There are two types of cargo compartments, the non-pressurized and pressurized, the pressurized oxygen are endowed, that is to the animals who travel there to breathe properly. The lack of culture of the employees of the airlines in some countries is such that there have been cases when dogs are placed in non-pressurized compartments for which the trip has been fatal. Under that personally I have the habit of approaching before takeoff the pilot or any member of the crew and beg in the most careful way to check that my dogs have been placed in the appropriate compartment when shipping my dogs by airplane. If the plane does not have a pressurized cabin dogs can not travel on a plane unless they do so in the cabin.

To travel on a plane this way the dogs must travel in a cage that meets the following characteristics: the cages more convenient and widely available for taking dogs on an airplane are plastic, if you decide on one of these, take care that the doors are metal with strength required, the door must be closed by a secure but easy to open by anyone in an emergency, if the cage is assembled with screws carefully reviewed the documentation when they are all perfectly placed and tightened, should contain two containers with easy access to water and another one for food, with windows or holes in the walls that provide plenty of ventilation, visible tags to identify your pet as a live animal and arrows indicating the correct position of the cage, plus a tag with the owner's data, destination, a phone call in case of emergency, the time the dog drank water and ate one last time and the time you should do it again, you should NOT have wheels or any other prominent feature you can catch or conducive to slide on the plane.

One of the most serious problems when dogs travel in cargo compartments are sudden temperature changes to which dogs on a plane are exposed. This is the situation: the pressurized compartments with a temperature of 18 to 190C, if the passenger is landed in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora to 390C and within minutes, goes into a building with air conditioning you can imagine what can happen. Some airlines have restricted accept pets at certain times of year or under specific climatic conditions. These periods are called attachments, ask your airline if you are not, however, usually occurs in the months of June to August.

If you travel with several dogs do not forget to ask if you can, most airlines accept only two dogs per person.


We must always remember that for the dogs for the near lack of sweat glands are quite deficient in the removal of heat. Besides that there are races in particular by its anatomical constitution are most likely to have some problem that your appliance is not very efficient breathing by airplane, among them are: English Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, boxer, pug, bulldog French bullmastif; mastiff Naples.

I personally recommend that dogs of these breeds not travel by plane, if unavoidable recommend that you take precautions before traveling by plane with dogs of these breeds.


In Mexico for a dog can be flown requires a health guide, it is processed by presenting a medical certificate and immunization record - always take along two copies of these documents, "among other requirements that may vary city and country. The airport of Mexico City has an office where he handled these guidelines and are open 24 hours.

To take a dog and bring it back to your country is not so easy, the rules may be different in each city or country, it is best to consult with health authorities and customs all the requirements and scenarios you will face; this is the only way you can be prepared for any unforeseen and your pet will save unnecessary inconvenience.


It is important for your dog is more comfortable to put in the cage a couple of nights before with a bed of torn newspaper, it is convenient to use mattresses and blankets as if an accident happens in the course of the trip probably would have disposal. It is also advisable to put in the cage a tee shirt that you slept the night before the dog to feel your scent will be more peaceful and secure.

If possible do not give food to the dog the night before, offer all the water they want to take. At the airport do all the paperwork and asked the employee of the airline for the latest time by which the dog has to go toward the plane and do not let it take him so far. Prior to this time the dog out if possible to a green area, try going to the bathroom and offer water.


Some airlines charge for dogs per kilogram, if the dog is medium to large turns out to be quite expensive, some others charge per piece, although rates vary for domestic flights of between $ 30 and $ 60 for international.


There are countries or areas like Hawaii that are free of certain diseases such as rabies and quarantine periods required to support the entry of some species of dog. Check this before you travel with your dog and take appropriate action.


If you're traveling by plane with your dog personally call the airline, do not trust your travel agent, ask all the details that I mentioned, if you can give it in writing and that even the managers know their guidelines internal. Needless to say when traveling with dogs by plane or shipping them, no precautions are too great to safeguard the welfare of the aptly named man's best friend.

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