Kennel Cough Can Be Very Serious in Dogs
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Kennel Cough Can Be Very Serious in Dogs

Kennel cough can be very serious in dogs if the disease is not treated. Kennel cough is common when there are crowded conditions. Boarding kennels sometimes have a lot of problems with the disease if they do not have proper ventilation. Kennel cough is also common in dog breeding facilities especially puppy mills where the conditions are not the greatest.

Tracheobronchitis commonly called kennel cough is a very contagious disease that affects the upper respiratory tract of a dog.  The problem can be caused by viral infections such as distemper, adenovirus, Para influenza virus, or respiratory coronvirus and various bacterial infections.  One of the bacterial infections is caused by Bordetella, which you can vaccinate your dog against.  Kennel cough usually is not serious but it can be very serious if not treated as soon as you suspect your dog have the illness.

The disease is most often found in kennels and that is why it is called kennel cough.  It usually appears in places with poor ventilation, cold temperatures and damp conditions and this is why the disease will usually spread from one dog to another.

The viral and bacterial disease can be spread when the dog coughs or sneezes.  The disease is also spread by contact with contaminated surfaces.  You must keep your dog’s environment clean and sanitary at all times.

It is important to eliminate direct contact with infected dogs.   The infected animal needs to be quarantined so it does not infect other animals.

Kennel cough symptoms usually do not show up until 4 or 5 days after exposure. If your dog gets a kennel cough it can be a mild case of a severe one.   The big danger with kennel cough is that it  can turn into pneumonia and pneumonia is extremely dangerous to dogs.

You too can be infected with kennel cough at the vets, a kennel or at a boarding facility.

The symptoms of kennel cough include harsh coughing and a dry hacking cough that will not go away.   There can be vomiting from excessive snorting, sneezing, gagging or coughing.  The disease can last from 8 to 21 days.  The disease can go away then come back if the dog is not treated.  This will put extra stress on the dog.

When the disease is caused by a bacteria infection, it is treated with antibiotics. Sometimes cough medication is also given.

To help prevent your dog from getting kennel cough be sure to vaccinate your dog for adenovirus, distemper, canine Para influenza and Bordetella.  This will help prevent your dog from getting kennel cough.

If your dog starts coughing, take him to the veterinarian immediately so the cause can be determined and treated.  Dogs usually recover from kennel cough without any complications but there are always the exceptions so if your dog has a bad cough that will not go away take him to the veterinarian to be on the safe side.

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Thanks for the information.

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Always a good idea to vaccinate for this - thanks for sharing the info.