My Dog is Not Eating - Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem
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My Dog is Not Eating - Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

What to do when their dog stops eating.

When your dog stops eating, you should take action, but the veterinarian isn’t necessarily your first choice. Of course, it all depends on any symptoms your dog may be experiencing as well as how long ago he stopped eating. When your dog isn’t eating his food anymore, it’s important that you take everything into consideration. Even the slightest change to your dog’s food can cause him to not want to eat it.

If your dog isn’t eating, you’ll want to keep on eye on how much water he is drinking. Keep note on if he is drinking more or less water than usual. You will also want to monitor your dog’s bathroom habits. Again, make note if he is going less or more than he usually does. Since your dog may be lacking nutrition, try to get him to drink water throughout the day. This way he stays hydrated. Keep a close eye on your dog. Watch for any odd behavior or symptoms such as whining, sleep changes, lethargy, drowsiness, drooling, coughing, and others.

If your dog isn’t displaying too many symptoms that would make you believe he was sick in some way, you will want to move on to examining his food. Step back and ask yourself if you added something to his food, if it’s a new brand of food…anything. Even the smallest minutest change can throw off a dog’s nose. Believe it or not, your dog’s nose has over 200 million receptors dedicated to scent. Smell is what your dog depends on. So if his food has changed in some way, this may be why he isn’t eating.

Once you’ve checked your dog’s food and you know no changes have been made to it, determine if the weather or your dog’s environment could be the cause. Sometimes hot weather will cause a dog not to want to eat. This is why water is so important. If you have recently moved, your dog may not be eating due to new surroundings.

To try to get your dog to eat, try switching his food. Sometimes dogs get tired of an old food smell. You can also try to change food brands. Be sure that the food you give your dog isn’t sitting out in the open, especially if the temperatures are high.

If your dog doesn’t eat for days at a time or appears to be losing weight, it’s definitely best that you consult your veterinarian. Of course, this should be your lost resort option. In some cases, owners aren’t able to determine the real cause of their dog’s loss of appetite. Your veterinarian will be able to.

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