My four year old dog has some loose teeth
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My four year old dog has some loose teeth

The vet said that we need to pull them out, but I've always thought that dog's teeth naturally fall out, so why spend the money and have them pulled out? Or is there a real reason we need to pull the teeth out?

Asked by Marianne Lily on Mar 4, 2009

2 Answers

Sarah   L1: Member   7 answers   +4 votes
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An adult dog should not have loose teeth. Puppies will lose their milk teeth by the time they are about 9 months old; if your dog still has milk teeth for some reason they need to be removed before they cause an infection. In addition, you may want to avoid playing Tug O' War with him until the reason for his loose teeth has been identified.

Dental health is very important to dogs. Bad teeth can lead to much bigger problems than just doggy breath: infections, dramatic weight loss and even congestive heart failure have all been associated with bad oral hygiene in dogs. Taking care of your dog's tooth problem now may mean not having to take care of heart problems 10 years down the road. Talk with your vet about how best to ensure your dog's continued good health.

Posted on May 27, 2009
Donna Aycock   L2: Contributor   53 answers   +50 votes
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Some dogs, through a quirk of genetics, have more than one set of adult teeth. This may be the case with your dog, and the underlying teeth can cause pain, and/or an infection as Sarah said. At any rate, tooth extraction is usually pretty inexpensive, and is a small price to pay for your dog's comfort. Additionally, most dogs need to have their teeth cleaned at least once a year. If he has some gum disease, that might be why his teeth are loose.

Posted on May 27, 2009

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