Toy Dog Breeds: Which One Should You Get?
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Toy Dog Breeds: Which One Should You Get?

Know the perfect toy dog breed that would fit your lifestyle.

A number of dog owners have considered toy dogs as their favorite. This is because toy dog breeds are more manageable. They only occupy a little space, need a fairly lesser amount of food and are mild-mannered. There are a lot of toy dog breeds to choose from. Each has their unique charm. Get to know some of them.


Poms are tiny, lion-like dogs which weigh about 3-7 lbs. They have wedge-shaped heads with short muzzles. Typically, their fur coat is in the shades of cream and sable, red, orange, black, brown and blue. Pomeranians will always bark at strangers, especially at their enemies. They are sociable and elegant, but very valiant. They are ready to tackle larger dogs.


Pugs have wrinkled faces with very short muzzles. Their tails are curled up and their fur is usually colored apricot-fawn and black. They stand 10-11 inches tall. Pugs have a very low energy level, making them useless with burglars. When around other animals, they tend to be good-natured. This breed can get fat easily, so a constant walking activity and a healthy diet are a must.

Shih Tzu

Friendly and cheery, Shih Tzus make great therapy dogs. Light activities like fetching tennis balls can keep them active and healthy. They are small at 8-11 inches tall and 9-16 lbs. They do bark, but the barks have a rather friendly tone in them. However, this breed needs to be constantly protected from the heat. Also, a trip to the dog salon can also be a requirement with Shih Tzus.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are elegant-looking dogs with their blue and rich golden tan fur. Their idea of protecting their owners is through shrill dog barks. Yorkies are known to be very active and manipulative. Owners of these dogs should know how to handle and discipline them. As shrewd breeds, they will even challenge bigger dog breeds like the Great Danes.


Chihuahuas are tiny breeds with large eyes and standing ears. They only weigh under 6 lbs. Generally, Chihuahuas need daily interaction as they are playful and inquisitive. However, they do need gentle handling because of their fragile body. Also, families with children are not advised to get a Chihuahua as their pet dog since the breed will be too weak for the children’s aggressiveness.

Miniature Pinscher

Mini Pins look like smooth coat Chihuahuas, but are bigger and taller. They are 10-12.5 inches tall and their furs are either brown or black. Mini Pins can be compared to an active toddler who can get himself hurt. This toy dog breed is active and lively. They also love the attention they get from their owners.


The Perfect Match (A Dog Buyer's Guide) by Chris Walkowicz

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