What Are the Necessary Vaccinations That Your New Dog Should Get for Best Health?
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What Are the Necessary Vaccinations That Your New Dog Should Get for Best Health?

Vaccinating your new puppy/dog is the best thing that you can do to guarantee a healthy life of your new family member. Preventative measures for your new pet far outweighs the dangers your pet could face without them . . .

Adding a dog to the family is indeed a big commitment and if you are a responsible pet parent, you are concerned about what the proper care is for optimum health of the new canine. Vet bills are definitely beyond comprehensible but the cost of trying to safe your dog's life because of lack of proper vaccinations far outweighs the cost of preventative help.

When you get a new dog, puppy or adult . . . or if you already have a dog, it is imperative to know the proper vaccine regimen for your canine family member. The recommendations of your vet usually require certain sets of vaccines for your puppy on through adulthood for maximum health.

Puppies usually start getting a series of shots at the age of 6 weeks after no longer nursing from their moms. At this point they are no longer getting the natural immunities they get from mothers’ milk. The usual set of shots includes a "combination" that protects against canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus, par influenza, and canine parvovirus (DHPP). The puppy will get this series of shots from 6 weeks old, and every 3 – 4 weeks thereafter until about age 16 – 20 months. A rabies shot is usually administered after about 6 months of age.

As adults, your dog should be vaccinated yearly with the DHPP and rabies shot to promote good health and ward off rabies. Dependent upon your location, other vaccines may be necessary for optimum protection such as the corona virus, Lyme and giardia vaccinations. Discuss this with your veterinarian. Also, if boarding your pooch at any time, be sure to vaccinate against Bordetella or “kennel cough”.

Some dogs may have adverse side effects from certain vaccinations which your veterinarian can and will advise you on but for the most part, the vaccinations are safe and highly recommended for the safety of your beloved pet. Never skimp on their health.

Also remember preventatives necessary for the life and good health of your dog such as heart worm disease. Get your pet tested every spring through a blood test and begin the preventative medication and/or vaccine regiment that your doctor will prescribe for your dog.Heartworm can be a deadly disease that you should never take lightly.

Your new dog is dependent upon you for a happy life which includes all the necessary material things to keep him happy and content as well as keeping in healthy optimum condition.

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