Will Neutering My Dog Change His Behavior?
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Will Neutering My Dog Change His Behavior?

Will neutering take away my dogs desire to run away? How will neutering my dog affect his behavior? What are the benefits of neutering a male dog? Will neutering my dog make him fat and lazy? Will neutering my dog make him more friendly? Will neutering change the way my dog behaves? What can I expect after neutering my pup?

Neutering is a term used to describe a procedure done on an animal to remove its ability to reproduce. While the term is not specific to males, people often apply the word “spaying” to the sterilization of female animals and use neutering for male animals. In this case we are using neutering to refer to the sterilization of male dogs by removing their testicles, it is also called castration.

Male dogs are normally neutered between 6 and 10 months of age.  They can be neutered when older but it will take up to 60 days for the hormones to leave the body before changes may be observed.

Most owners neuter their dog before the typical negative behaviors seen in male animals develop, and as such they do not notice many changes. They may find their dog is less active, however this is generally related to the fact that their puppy is now a dog and behaviors tend to change at this time anyhow.

Generally around 10 months of age is when the dog's negative behaviors associated with being intact would start to show, so people who neuter before this time are unlikely to notice any changes.

How Neutering Affects a Dog's Behavior

Adult male dogs have a tendency to be more aggressive, particularly as they try to assert their dominance. While neutering does not necessarily remove this behavior, and proper training is always important, neutering does tend to reduce a lot of male aggression, as it is driven by the male hormone, testosterone. They may be less aggressive to other dogs.  There may be less humping, however this is not always a sexual behavior.

Adult male dogs often lift their leg to urinate on things, this will not change, but neutering will reduce the dog's desire to spray. Spaying is territorial marking by spraying smaller amounts of urine on many surfaces, including in the home. Spraying is reduced, or stopped, by neutering a dog. Note that dogs who are poorly house trained, or who have bladder infections may still urinate in the home.

Male dogs who are neutered are less likely to roam, although this is also related to breed, with some breeds, such as the Husky, having a strong desire to roam irregardless of being neutered or not. The main reason why intact male dogs roam is that they are following the scent of a female in heat, or are looking for one.

Of course proper training and socialization, are also very important in shaping a dog's behavior.

Will Neutering Make my Dog Lazy and Fat?

Many people claim that neutering makes a dog lazy and fat. This is not actually correct. Neutering takes away the dogs desire to look for females, but the dog will still be happy to go for walks or engage in other activities. Because the dog is not burning off as many calories by stressing over females, it may need slightly less food. Dogs get fat because their owners are not providing enough exercise and/or are over feeding them.

Note that for owners who want their dogs to still look like they are intact, there are products, called neuticles, that the veterinarian can insert into the scrotum when removing the testes.

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Thank you for this explanation. I have always heard that animals get fat because they are neutered, but I knew that wasn't true because I took veterinary science for awhile and learned that. I hadn't thought about them not stressing over females that they might need less calories. Thank you!

yeah I have to put my female cat on a diet she is getting way too big

I could not recommend this article because I am out of recommendations, however, I did Digg, Tweet, and g+ it. Really good information.